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When I Told You I Loved You

Music and Lyrics by Sarah Jane Scouten

The Cape (2014)


It started at a dance-hall somewhere

With one hand on your shoulder, and one in your hair

But that's how these things begin, when your lips taste like sin

And it's dark and someone sits down at the piano


We took off like two kids from the law

WIth no fixed address and an uninsured car

Drove through two-hundred towns that would never tie us down

And we were sweethearts til we hit Montreal



So won't you get along, scram, I'll be no good to you

You'll only be hurting your pride

So pack your bags, leave the keys, they'll be no good to you

When I told you I loved you I lied



Two doors, my hands out like wings

Old songs that we used to sing

Better close your eyes baby, 'cause this one's gonna sting

Mexico cut off all of these strings

A troubled mind is a tattoo on your knuckles

A broken heart heals up bitter and wrong

But we've got our youth and we've got heat, but all our shots are cheap

Hurts like hell but I'd sooner you'd be gone








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