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Til the Wheels Come Off

Music and Lyrics by Sarah Jane Scouten

Magpie Waltz 2011



I’m gonna love you baby til the wheels come off

And if you kiss me, well then I’ll never want to stop

And I’m a warm meal steaming on your counter top

I’m gonna love to you til the wheels come off


When I hold you in my arms and tell you of your many charms

And kiss you in the morning light, if you say it’s alrigh

tI know you’re tired, I heard you’ve been used

That your long-time woman she gave you the blues

But I wanna do right by you




Daddy don’t like you because you’re poor but mama says it don’t matter anymore

Because, oh ya, hell we’re big kids now

And when the sweet apple grows from the sour apple tree

That’s when you’re gonna wanna let go of me

Unless I throw you out, kicking and screaming, before





I’ll take this chance in the song to say that I might let you down one day, oh no

But I know where you’re coming from, not like I never lost no one before

With the thoughts left in our brains, we’ll find out what remains

When two second-hand hearts try to let each other in

When two second-hand hearts try to let each other in




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