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Southern Ways

Music and lyrics by Sarah Jane Scouten
Arrangement by Sarah Jane Scouten and the Brilliant String Band
The Cape (2014)



Southern ways, southern food, southern rain and southern dudes
I forget myself, pretend I'm somebody else

Put your bourbon in a mason jar, if you like to play guitar
And save the last dance for me

Because Alabama, Arkansas sound better in a southern drawl
To a kid on the run from the North


Honey baby, you and me, go riding in your Model-T
You sweat just like a man, but honey I've got a fan

And I hate it when we cuss and fight, drawn out days and sleepless nights
Don't know how you got mixed up with me
It was you go your way and I go mine, until we crossed the Dixie line

Now it's life in tall pines eternally

Let's just say we'll tie the knot way up on some rocky top

I can't say I won't cry when you give your heart for mine
And I knew you were the one for me when we fired sling-shots in the Alleghenies
Kissing on the path to the swimming hole
Don't you remember we got wet with rain, the thunder rolled and you said my name
And the sun shone as if on cue
Shut my mouth, I've gone south on account of you



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