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Our Small Town (The Cape)


Song and Lyrics by Sarah Jane Scouten
Arrangement by Sarah Jane Scouten and the Brilliant String Band



It was twenty years ago, you were wishing it would snow
In our small town

And when it rained, you were overheard to say you’d be out of here someday
Far from your mother’s side, the way she cried the day that you left home         



You love the city lights, the way it’s dark but broad daylight
Now you live downtown

Sometimes you think on what you had, with your mother and your dad
The town where you were raised and still the days couldn’t go by too soon



If you come down, when you’re tired of running ‘round
I promise I won’t try to pull you in

But if you come ‘round, it’s gonna bring you down     

All the things that we won’t have back again



Now you live a life you choose, til a phone calls with the news
From our small town

Father says over the phone, "It’s time that you come home

Back to your mother’s side, these days she’s better off not left alone."





Now a chilly wind starts to blow and it looks like it might snow
In our small town

I’m already dressed in black, Dad’s in his suit and his felt hat

All ‘round our mother’s side, and then she died the day that you came home






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