No Reasoning

Music and lyrics by Sarah Jane Scouten
Arrangement by Sarah Jane Scouten and the Brilliant String Band
The Cape (2014)


There's no reasoning with my heart

Wish I could blame the way I feel on you

But you're a drunk who thinks he's pretty
I should have took one look, turned tail and run


But I've got a thing for you, although I need you like a kick in the shins

Oh I've got a thing for you

I don't know how it started, but I know how it ends

How it ends, how it ends, how it ends

Well I thought James Dean was sexy
With  chip on his shoulder like a cinder block
And I should have had an inkling

The way you strut your stuff like a peacock



Now I'm an honest woman

I don't drink or smoke or fight... too much

But your cowboy boots excite me

You're not a rockstar you just act like one



Sitting in my lonesome room with no one to enjoy
What's a poor girl gonna do when she likes bad boys?

Well there's no reasoning with my heart
Wish I could stop the way I dream about you
'Cause I'm smart and should know better

Than to fall in love with a son of a bitch like you



How it ends, how it ends, how it...

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