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Magpie Waltz 

Music and Lyrics by Sarah Jane Scouten

Magpie Waltz 2011


Saturday night was wretched

Now I suspect every blond bimbo I see

When you were mine and things were okay

You used to really like looking at me


But you are a shiny thing and I am a magpie

You are an iceberg and I am the sea

Your persona is what you had for breakfast

With a cigarette but not with tea



Now I’ll cry myself til I’m free

And I’ll beat these fists til they bleed

And I’ll love you as long as you let me, darling

Just in case you’re coming back to me


When I dragged myself through the doorway

With my belongings and a pair of fists

We would have broken records, rewritten history

If we only could have made it through Genesis


And a man stuck his demands to the church door

And it split that whole shit n twain

I said be patient and kind, watch your temper and I’ll watch mine

But Martin Luther, it happened again




I’ve been chasing this dream down the drainpipe

It’s been going drip, drip, drip in my ear

Well your heartbeat sounds just like a siren’s song

You can tie my down, but let me hear it


And now our cabin in the hills is abandoned

The palomino and the paint left too

Now the buffalo roam ‘cause you’re not gonna feed them

And the babies we won’t have still miss you




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