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I Had To Be Right

Music and lyrics by Sarah Jane Scouten

Arrangement by Sarah Jane Scouten and the Brilliant String Band
The Cape (2014)


I leave my shoes on at the door, no one's waiting there for me

I've been alone before, so I'll put on the TV
And if I sit down at the phone, recalling names from the page

It's 'cause I don't like to be alone, and it's not right at my age

But I know why he left here, it's no wonder he's gone

I had to be right, that's where I went wrong
And I can't say I'm sorry, not with what he's become
I had to be right, that's where I come from

Mom and Dad wed not for love, but to have a baby

And with a blessing from above, Mama remained a lady
On the last night I spent at home, she said, "I wish you had died"

And as I stepped out on my own, I don't recall it I cried



I still hear our wedding vows, the day we promised to be true

But without honour, without love, what remains to be faithful to?

Still all the years count not for much to the one I slept beside
And as he hangs on to someone else, I'll hang on to my pride




I had to be right, I had to be right...



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