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Blackstrap Sadie

Music and Lyrics by Sarah Jane Scouten
The Cape (2014)


There were two old sweethearts in the North
Who dressed in plaid and paisley

And they raised a child with long black hair

Whose name was Blackstrap Sadie.


When she spied the man from across the sea

She was riding upon her pony

And he threw his gun and satchel on his side

And rode along behind her.


She said, “As I know your eyes are blue

Just like two pools of diamonds,

You may know, and do, my heart is ever true

Long as it keeps on beating.


“But if those eyes should turn to glass

Or mine turn inward blindly,

You may have to hold my hand in yours

And given ever kindly.


“But if those hands should lose their touch

Or be lost in some misfortune,

You may have a child from within my womb

To go and be our tribune.

“But if that child we should outlast

Or draw no breath in this world,

You may know that we are born to die

And I’ll love you while we’re living.”

He said, “Make no promises, keep your word,

And you may treat me rightly.

And with a kiss he hushed her charming tongue

And held on ever tightly.”

And there were two old sweethearts in the North

Who rode one pinto pony.

And within the earth, they sleep beneath a tree,

A blue-eyed man and a Blackstrap Sadie.

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