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Bad Weather 

Music and Lyrics by Sarah Jane Scouten

Magpie Waltz 2011


Won’t you take me back down to where our songs are from

And you can keep me up all night with your carrying on

But I wanna be your lover, and not just a place to rest your head

Don’t you keep me up til morning to tell me it’s wrong



But you’ll button up your heart in your breast pocket

And you’ll put on your layers every morning rise

And I’ve been flying over water for such a long time now

I’ve been looking for a good place to land

But every where’s closed due to bad weather


May you never wake up lonesome in a rainstorm

Or in unloving arms don’t ever be

‘Cause we’re bound to die, one day or another

But I’ll see that you go gently if you stay with me




I hope you’re thinking about me from the back of your daddy’s car

But if you don’t want my love, you keep your fiddle away

But we were thrown together, and I’m not about to contest fate

I heard you’ve been talking about how sweet you find my face

Why don’t you come on let me love you, baby?



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